Reviews for "Squareman 2"

Fun, but hard

This game is a lot more harder than the first one but its still fun i guess

Dont say hard.

hey it is not harder but easier,in part 1 i cant go pass lv3 part 3,i cant go pass lv 2 but in this i can go pass lots of levels!I like it!

An Improvement

Like the first game, the old-school graphics style never gets old. I see that you've fixed the jumping problem, and I like the introduction of points to the game.

The tank baddy is kind of annoying because the bullets go through the ground. The first one didn't have bullets going through the ground.

A bit short, but I love the game. Make a Squareman 3 (put a gun in it :D)!

I loved it

Please, make more.

It was really bad

I know making a flash is hard but other ppl make good games, so that means you can make one.