Reviews for "Captain Zorro"

Good game, but could be better

I don't know if it was just my computer, but the game seemed slow. I'm in two minds about the weapon control: I like not having to keep pressing/holding a key to keep shooting, but at the same time I like to be able to control when to shoot. A few things I thought you could do to improve it:

-Make it faster (unless it is just my computer that made it slow)
-Make it the player's choice whether or not to control the shooting
-Introduce more different types of power-ups (e.g. different types of weapons or a shield)
-Enable the player to change his mind about whether he controls the ship with the mouse or keyboard - once you start the game, if you don't like the controls, you can't change them

Ok, I think that was it.


Nice Galaga tribute game with very funk retro music

Very amusing

Excellent , my first space shooting game in a while now but its worth the half an hour I spent , would be nice if one can continue from the level he reached when the lives are over , it would be nice


cool game and good fun

Thats all i have to say lol

This game is like a gam I used to play for NES

I 4got what the name of it was,but I do know I liked it then and still do now! Despite what everybody else says about this game, i gave it a chance and found out it was an old school favorite. Flying ship that gains more power-ups and special bombs, and to top it off you save people from the ground to gain pts.
HELL I EVEN HOLD THE HIGH RECORD as of 1-24-09 FLiP from the USA
Only down fall I give it is not enough levels and bosses, other than that A+

P.S. to that fool named joka321123...follow up on knowing what FLASH games are buddy b4 you go making yourself look a fool!