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Reviews for "Captain Zorro"

a little lame....

extremely long levels and the power ups do not power up the freaking ship..... which is btfw to freaking big... man seriously... try making it a bit more addicting... add a little spice into it... more power ups, subbosses, make the levels a bit shorter and add a quality button... do that and you're a winner for sure

good but...

It starts out as a nice shooter lots of visual stuff on the ground nice graphs and it runs smoothly on my olde pc'eth what saddens me is to see that there's an auto fire system...this takes so much of the pleasure away from a shooter also i found it dissapointing that the buildings werent destroyable and some more powerups wouldnt be a bad idea either.....All in all a better than average shooter but it has no right to be spoken of in the same sentece as the raiden series.......oh and for a final hint SPEED UP THE SCROLLING!!!! (or me buy bttr pc) =p

Not good

Needs a lot more effort. But definitely has potential. Loved the part when the ship gets hit and the whole screen rocks. Definitely what a real explosion would be like.

The Challenge,,, The Point... The Incentive...

Where is it?

This is a great concept for what it is, and I enjoyed the first half of the first level.
Then I realized I was never going to die, and by level 2 I had max upgrades and the S icons I was receiving were the lives I'd never need.

In other words, by the second level your player is left feeling like there's nothing to keep them going. Why am I doing this? The first level is easy, thats cool. But the second level should be at least a step ahead, instead we're stuck with a copy/pasta of the difficulty with a couple different enemies.

The pace is also far too slow for a top-down shooter. Throw some diverse squadrons at me, and keep me on my toes. Push the stress, and don't be afraid to kill me.

This review is of course coming from someone who has played his fair share of Arcade games, so I can't speak for those who aren't used to this style of game.

decent graphics, poor gameplay

The production values on this are obviously pretty good. The ship design and grahical quality are pretty good. There's even shadows for the ships. However, to compare this game to Raiden X is kinda silly.

Weapon Variety: there's only one weapon type (compare to Raiden X's three). There's not even a secondary weapon until the final shot upgrade, which turns out to be useless anyway (compare to Raiden X's 2).

Upgrading System: pretty much standard fare until you get to the last upgrade - instead of your weapon system becoming stronger, it actually gets significantly weaker! I don't know what games you, the author, has been playing, but typically, when you get upgrades, your weapon system is supposed to get stronger. And what's with the final upgrade anyway? You have the single angled shots on either side, a very slow firing triple shot in the middle (especially compared to the prevvious upgrade, which shot significantly faster!), and two very weak homing missiles. I could see that as one of the lower/middle upgrades maybe, but the final upgrade? Usually, in this kind of game, the final upgrade is screen-clearing awesomeness (compare to Raiden X's final red shot upgrade ), or super concentrated beam of death (compare to Raiden X's final blue upgrade or final purple upgrade). But this? With the final upgrade, there were times where I sat there in front of a ship, shooting it with my forward shots and the missiles as soon as it came on screen up until it left, and I was unable to kill it. This makes no sense. The final upgrade should allow you to kill any ship you aim at. Ridiculous.

Collision Model: the ship is huge, and everything that collides with the whole image damages you. This is simply unacceptable. Dodging shots really isn't a matter of skill, but a matter of luck - choosing which side of the screen to be on when the boss randomly decides to fill the screen with shots. It should be possible to get through the entire game without getting hit once if you're skilled enough. But in this game, it's impossible to get through a single level without getting hit a few times due to the collision model.

Sound: Typically, I don't find sound to be that important, and I oftentimes just take my headphones off, but i have to comment here. When your bullets hit something, it's like you've won a quarter at a slot machine. WTF? If you're going to take sounds from flashkit, you could have at least used one that's more, I don't know, explosion-y? At least something where it sounds like the weapons are actually doing damage.

More on Graphics: When you kill enemies, they disappear in a little black puff of smoke. No wreckage, no corpse, nothing. They're just gone. (compare to Raiden X - enemies crash into ground, leaving a flaming crater of wreckage) This is true even of the turret buildings! Even if you were to leave out the flying units, I would at least expect there to be something left of the turrets.

Other things to destroy: In top-down shooters like this, usually, there's things to destroy other than the flying enemies and turrets. Things like houses, buildings, storage tanks, bunkers, etc. See games like Aerofighters, every Raiden game, Tyrian, Raptor, etc. In this game, there's nothing.

In my opinion, all of these things can be fixed. I think you can figure out the first two. For the collision model, the ship is too wide to use the whole ship for collision purposes. So, either use a much thinner ship, or make the collision area thinner. For sound, just replace it with a better one. I'm sure there's one on flashkit. For the graphics, whenever something dies, instead of replacing it with the explosion animation, which then self-deletes upon completion, you could have a flaming wreckage animation dependant on the ship, which crashes and leaves a crater, which self-deletes once its off screen. For other things to destroy, just do it like you do turrets, but don't make them fire or otherwise do anything.