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Reviews for "Captain Zorro"


This game was okay.

The ship's autofire doesn't help the interactivity, and actually causes a little lag when it's constantly firing when there's no enemies on the screen. The lack of a quality toggle or a music toggle doesn't help at all.

Like other ship-based shooters, this game got repetitive after a while, and didn't really offer much to keep going. The power ups stopped after about six upgrades, and even those weren't that great.

Not too good

It just wasn't that good

Same ol, Same ol

I hate to re-iterate what many are already saying, but this is the same shooter that many of us were playing on the original NES nearly 20 years ago.

It was really slow. My ship was sluggish. I couldn't control my firing rate, which just took a whole chunk of interactivity out of the game, considering movement and shooting are the only forms of interactivity in a game like this.

Was it just me, or do you like Star Trek a lot? One set of fighters were EXACTLY the same shape as a Jem'Hadar fighter...and another looked like the Federation Peregrine fighter. If I had the patience to go on longer, I wouldn't be surprised if I ran into a Defiant class...

8 on graphics, it was a good job. Style got a 4...nothing original. Sound got a 3, whereas it was authentic, it was repetitive...Violence 4, you killed people, but no blood... Interactivity 9, any well scripted game deserves a high score...Humor 0, wasn't funny....overall, I gave it a 5. That means I'd play it, but it was nothing exceptional.

similar to

those old games there is really no difference o yeah and get rid of the automatic firing

Started out good...

While the game is far from original, it started out good but just got annoying. I got to the second stage and apparantly I don't get health back from one stage to the next. Okay, that's fine now that I know that, but what infuriates me is that I NEVER see health until I've just died and then I'll see three but I can't use them because I'm full of health now.

When I die, I lose my upgrades. Expected. But should I lose a level when I go to the next stage? I don't know if it was a glitch or not, but I was losing a level or two of upgrades every time I made it to the next stage. At one point, I was firing two missiles per shot at the boss but when the next stage loaded, none and a slower rate of fire. I sat there and pounded an enemy with every shell I had from the moment they entered the screen until they left because it wasn't powerful enough to kill them. I took a lot of damage doing so. Then I found out that ramming them killed them in one hit and did considerably less damage to my ship than trying to fire back at them.

The game started out fun in a classic way and was living up to every Galaga type game's expectations. But when I was downgraded for no apparent reason and the enemies got tougher at the same time, it really turned me off.