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Reviews for "Captain Zorro"


This game was okay.

The ship's autofire doesn't help the interactivity, and actually causes a little lag when it's constantly firing when there's no enemies on the screen. The lack of a quality toggle or a music toggle doesn't help at all.

Like other ship-based shooters, this game got repetitive after a while, and didn't really offer much to keep going. The power ups stopped after about six upgrades, and even those weren't that great.

too slow

it moved too slow for me to want to keep playin

its good

but nothing special. in the "thousands of games that remind me of galaga" category, it doesnt stand out

Good Game,But Very Boring

The game is very fun,but still it is very boring.Sure the first level is very cool to play.There are upgrades the game seems to be pretty easy and there is even a boss.But in time it gets really boring.Sure new enemies are added and there are a few more upgrades but the game moves really slow and there ain't no point in wishing to complete the level because the game has no scenario or anything all you do is fly,kill enemies and pick up troops.But still the game has many of its own pluses like a very good done graphics,pretty awesome sound effects and cool bosses to fight with.But non of this things save the game from being a total waste of time,it would be much funner if you would add a few different upgrades and made it move faster sow it wouldn't be sow slow.


Overall this game was pretty good. The thing that really bothered me was that the player could not control when to shoot. Yes you had the super shot control but most players like to have complete control which is not in this game. Next game maybe through in some more power ups and make sure that the player can control the shooting. I also had some problems with it lagging when there were a lot of enemies on screen which made it a little annoying.