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Reviews for "Captain Zorro"

Extremely good looking game...

...but I couldn't play all the way through it. After the first level the gun upgrades stop upgrading. I'm assuming that's as far as you can upgrade the guns.

If there were more upgrades I would have played until the end, but I got bored on level 2 and quit.

Pretty good

Almost better than Raiden X, only thing that bugged the crap out of me was the loose controls. I would move my cursor to the other side of the screen and it would take like 10 seconds for the ship to reach there. Other than that major flaw this game is pretty good.

All around, its a good game.

Its not the best game ever, but is also not the worst.

It was alright...

It was a decent game, nothing original though. I would play it again, but only if I was bored. Nothing addictive or that entertaining. I can't wait for the next one.


I t was kind of fun, i liked the graphics and the music was good too, but I stopped at level 3 because it was a little boring. It should be faster.