Reviews for "Captain Zorro"

Interresting and 'arcade-like'

Captain Zorro is a actually entertaining. The game itself is very smooth. I diden't experience any bug's, nor glitches. This is always give's extra points.

The graphics were great, and really worked out, as they really complimented the style, which was not unique, but at the same time, it was. Many of this type of games seem dull to play, but this was fun.

The sound was good, and fit the game. Thus, you archieved a good score in sound.

A good game.



not bad...but it could use improvements:)

-try to make the enemies aim at you..more of a challenge.:)
-make the ship smaller..its like a freakin battleship..:))
...the rest are okiepokie:)

Good, great, grand, and wonderful

This was one of the best flash games I've played. Give yourself a pat on the back. I enjoyed the first boss battle alot. This was nothing short of awesome. Keep up the good work.

Very good shooter

I gave this a 5, thanks for the protection point!


looks great,
things to work on are that it was a little bit too easy and got boring quikly because of that,
also the guns only had a couple power ups until they stopped and that came very quikly
but overall great game