Reviews for "Captain Zorro"


this game is bad in so many ways:
1. the music never changes and it drives you to insanity
2. its slower than a dead horse
3. the weapons have a great variation (not)

seriously its so slow you can dodge about every bullet with ease and it gets boring after 2 minutes of playing! DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!

Great game

got high score of 137 819 -Merlance
but it didn't reach the high score board.
Please fix this.

Oh and more gun power ups.

Otherwise great game.

Nice game

This is a nice game + i actually got the highest score 133 530 i think. I didnt think id get it so i put in anything :/ oh well nice game cus this is the first ive ever gotten the high score in high score tables

awesome game

I scored a 90276 I believe. It was so addictive. This game reminded me of some old school NES game. But the graphics were really good. Nice background music. This is definitely an instant classic here on newgrounds. Excellent game!


Very nice graphics & smooth animation. I wasn't playing with sound on so i've just gone ahead and given you a 5. Only problem is that it slows down when there's alot going on - it made my browser die more than once.