Reviews for "Captain Zorro"

Pretty good

Overall this game was pretty good. The thing that really bothered me was that the player could not control when to shoot. Yes you had the super shot control but most players like to have complete control which is not in this game. Next game maybe through in some more power ups and make sure that the player can control the shooting.

Decent, but gets boring after a while....

Good game ideas, but not enough control.
Not enough powerups either.

it was okay

to easy and some of the powerups did nothing and not enough powerups.

Not bad

Cool game got to level 4 3 lifes left... But you can only have so many upgrades... You should make more upgrades.. there only like 7 or so...

Not bad

Pretty good.

could be better if:

-Peoples shadows should wave their arms too... its a bit weird with the arms moving but not on the shadow
-add a pause button?