Reviews for "Captain Zorro"

Really Easy

I suck at these games but I still found this to be too easy.


Boring through-out the entire game. And you barely had to even play, the ship was always fire which got annoying after a while. So pretty much, this was shit.

mostly boring

For a shooter game, I was quite let down. I have no idea why the ship was stuck on autofire the entire time. For a shooter, it is essential that the player have control over the shooting. Otherwise you should have just made a 'dodge the green blob' game.
Speaking of green blobs, I believe that there is a fundamental rule of game design that makes it possible to play a perfect game. That is, no amount of damage should ever be mandatory. When the weird monster thing is shooting a continuos line of green blobs at you, this concept is violated.
I guess when I consider these factors, this 'game' would be better off as a demo reel. Next time consider what the player might want in a good game.


This game was okay.

The ship's autofire doesn't help the interactivity, and actually causes a little lag when it's constantly firing when there's no enemies on the screen. The lack of a quality toggle or a music toggle doesn't help at all.

Like other ship-based shooters, this game got repetitive after a while, and didn't really offer much to keep going. The power ups stopped after about six upgrades, and even those weren't that great.

Good Game but......

this is a good game, but needs some work. it need more weopon power-ups. this was one of da easiest games ever, needs to b harder. and THE MUSIC.......was irritatin me. good overall tho, jus too ez