Reviews for "Enigmatic Legend"


Truly some amazing work. Like some others I have come across this submission via Armor Mayhem. I just had to look up the sources of the music and yours is truly awesome. Its like a panoramic backdrop of the gods.

TheBenjerman responds:

A panoramic backdrop of the gods! I like this. I may write a piece with this title. Thank ya kindly good sir!


I heard this in Armor Mayhem. One of the few classical sounding songs I like. And like someone below said; It's perfect for one of the fable games, and to me, it also sounds like it's from Batman.

TheBenjerman responds:

Hmm. Thank you for the possitive review! And to which Batman do you refer?


This is incredible!

TheBenjerman responds:

Thank ya!


simply amazing. dark brass, with the lighter strings alongside, but remaining dark enough to fit the mood. this is a wonderful composition, fitting for the intro of a very good movie. first heard it in Armor Mayhem <flash game>, and decided to check it out here. great work, and i hope you keep it up :j

keep those awesome tracks coming!

TheBenjerman responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm very glad you like it!



Perfect song for one of the Fable games! :)

TheBenjerman responds:

Why thank you!