Reviews for "Enigmatic Legend"

Dark, majestic and evocative

I've had a soft spot, for as long as I can remember, for dark, epic pieces. This indulges that preference quite nicely. My thanks. Keep it up.

If I had to change one thing, it would be to omit or rework some of the percussion. It seems slightly out of place here and there.

TheBenjerman responds:

Hmmm. I would be interested to see where in particular the percussion seems out of place. I've gotten some comments on the rock kit not fitting the rest of the piece. To what do you refer?

i think You stole this from god's ipad

Wow this a masterpiece,great work man, the only thing i don't like is that it is too schort, I WANT MORE!!

TheBenjerman responds:

Haha. Well perhaps I'll give you a little more on the next one eh? Thanks for the review. ^_^


This is very skilled work... very well placed in Armor Mayhem. Very well done! Keep up the amazing work!!!

TheBenjerman responds:

Yes sir! Thank you sir!


i heard this in Armour mayhem, a peice of beast this is

TheBenjerman responds:


Another fantastic song by TheBenjerman

Thank you for being awesome.

TheBenjerman responds:

Aww, any time.