Reviews for "Enigmatic Legend"


Your music is one of the reasons i signed up for Newgrounds. In fact, one of the reasons I breath :D This is a truly powerful song that should be used in all epic trailers and videos accross the world! I really like your music and I think you need a contract :3 Keep up the hard work!

Good Luck!!!!

TheBenjerman responds:

Aww, thanks a ton! I'm glad you liked it!


Not quite sure what I would do with a contract though...

Its...Its..Its so Amazin :D

This is AWSOME just BRILLIANT its been a very long time since i heard something as Amazing as this. This should be in some of the new games on ps3 or Xbox because its that good and if it did i would definitly buy it. I first heard this song in Armor Mayhem on armor games and I loved this song, somethimes I used to open the game just to hear this but no need know i got on my PC and I always Play it and the other song of yours as well. You know i am kind of suprised that this was in a game on the pc , at least one of the best on Armor Games, but seriously you really did a OUTSTANDING job on this song. YOU ARE JUST THE BEST!!! and another weird thing is... well why am i just hearing about you in a game its weird you deserve better then that you should come on TV...yeah TV would be great just imagine it. We are bringing you live to Benjamin S Young also known as TheBenjerman to speak with him about how he got his GREAT ideas for the song Enigmatic Legend....any way seriously GOOD JOB no you deserve better OUT-STANDING JOB no Infact ( I don't use this word much infact i dont even use this word especially not to describe people or their work...wait i dont even like describing how AMAZING people's work are but you know, I know and everyone else knows that you desrve it :). ) you did an ASTONISHING JOB i really hope that you appriciate this message and that the people you know in LA appriciate you too :)

O..and please remember these words of mine (or just read it): i'm not a hater who's being sarcastic and i'm not some stupid guy who is saying stupid stuff about other people's work I am judt an ordinnary guy who appriciates others hard work espcially yours.

TheBenjerman responds:

My goodness! Thank you for your incredibly flattering review! ^__^


No really, you have true talent, this is amazing stuff! I hope you keep it up, cause this is just sick! I can see why only the best pick your music, keep the train running my friend, and in other words, keep up the good....no amazing work!

TheBenjerman responds:



Words Epic Fail at describing this Masterpiece.

Go Sign a Contract with John Williams or Hans Zimmer and stop wasting your time with flash submissions ;P

Kidding, dont stop making music for us, when you go BIG.

TheBenjerman responds:

Lol, you flatter me my friend.

That reminds me though, I need to be putting more stuff up here. It's been a while!


What is this doing here?
And whys it in a flash game?
This song is truly epic.
It doesn't even sound like it's in the same class as flash shooter music.
This should be in some $100 game trilogy pack, not here.
This is song is truly epic.
Beyond words.
Everyone vote five!!!!!

TheBenjerman responds: