Reviews for "Enigmatic Legend"

Hey man check your PM's! I really would love to use this in a few projects I got going! May I have permission to use this in a video?

Halo 4 theme , right here :)

TheBenjerman responds:

Haha. :)

Excellent track! Thanks for letting us use it! This video has 1,300 views! So alot of people are hearing your work!

TheBenjerman responds:

Thank YOU! :)


This is an epic track,and I have to admit I love armor mayhem,and as the game says
this track is GOD-LIKE.

TheBenjerman responds:


This is the best thing EVAR

DUUUUDE. This piece shouldn't even be in a trailer. If it is, that is what it should be in the LEAST. This would fit inside the movies! Awesome work. I'm gonna try and play this on my violin.

I love the constant changes in "Arpeggios"? from like 1:28 to the end.

Nice work, and I hope you get your music to a record studio, this stuff should be broadcasted!

TheBenjerman responds:

Thank ya sir!