Reviews for "Shiny!"

Quite good

This is excellent.
The animation is fantastic, the sound effects are well chosen and sound nice.
It's a quirky little story with just good little jokes in many parts.

I just really liked it as a cute little thing, and you should definitely enter it in some festivals (like nicktoons animation festival if the due date isn't already passed)

Anyway, you've got my five, great job.
BTW, why was there gold inside the tree? was that just to be random?


Holy wowzuh! THAT WAS AMAZING!!!! Just like a real cartoon! Traditionally with penciL!? Wow! How did you manage to put it into flash!?
This is amazing! I love it! Pretty damn cute n awesome.

It was REAL smooth! 5 months in the making huh? Wow. Did you do any other projects on the side? This is simply one amazing piece of work!
Good job! Hope to see a lot more of your stuff!


KrystalGeorgiou responds:

Thanks dude! All I did was import it into flash as an avi..

Allmy other college projects are just animation practices and not suitable for newgrounds.. but when I have something new I'll be sure to upload it :D

Good to see this sort of thing.

Its good to see a good old classic animated story with such a simple idea. As much as I love the content on newgrounds it can get a little bit tiring seeing the endless parodys and violent animations.
This reminds me alot of the cartoons I used to watch as a kid.
You dont see alot of people using pencil and paper either, but its animation at its best when its like that.
Hope to see more :)

this video was awsome!

its cute, funny and family friendly! no violence or blood and that squirrel
was so cute!

Eye candy!

Mate this is great!

Simple story, nothing complicated and overall a real joy to watch,
well done mate, this stuff is gold ;)!