Reviews for "Shiny!"

is this suposed to be funny?

well, its not becuz both the pirate and squirre are going to die...i mean how is a squrrel going to survive at sea....RIP little squirrel.

nice little flash, u squirrel killing bastard


this animation was one of the few things that ive seen that manages to be cute, funny, and awesome all at the same time.
keep up the good work.


i loved the ending with the pirate getting wha he wanted at a price, i like the style and the graphics where cool to^^
it was really good keep up the good work

Perricoloso over and out


What a great story, i loved the way that you ended it with the pirate getting what he wanted but at a cost. I thought that the way you encoded this was also pretty cool as it gave the impression of it being a television rip. I thought that the music in the background was good and i liked the animation of the squirrel moving around. Overall a very fun watch.


This is a good movie

I liked this move because it has alot of humor and Overall it is very good