Reviews for "Shiny!"


This video was alright. Although, it did look as if it was targeted towards children. But, that's one of the things I like about the video. The cuteness! Great video.

Hey I know you

You're that animator from Youtube.com. The style is unique and the rat thing is sort of scary, I wouldn't want one of those crawling around in my basement.

Short but wonderful!

Well, of course anything with a squirrel in it is going to catch my eye. However, I also found the animation to be slick and cheerful and that the squirrel creature was too adorable for words. I don't know how he or she managed to get to a deserted island, but I suppose that's beside the point... The music and sound effects were comical and well placed, too.


The animation is great! It reminds me of the Looney Toons when they used to come on Saturday mornings. Also, I think you picked perfect music for this animation. Great job!

lol i love the expressions on theyre faces!!!

yay! the music was great!!! lol oboe solo!!! teehee i love when he finds all the acorns in the chest!!! lol and ya for splitting treeees~! teehee i love this, cute, funny, and awesome, all in a nice taco wrapped shape
! !!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay