Reviews for "Shiny!"

That was quite good.

You definitely earned my fifen.

you know what you should do!!!

go to a motherfucking animation studios man this is fucking briljant!!!! :D do it !!! your talent = awesome !!! and the story line is purrrrrrrrrrrrfect for children


You are a Child's cartoon master

Beutiful! It moved me!

that was the best piece of work I've seen on Newgrounds it was beutiful the color the music the Idea and the animation it all fit together it was amazing good...No Excelent work!!!!! I simply loved it!! and the second animation was even better I love your animation keep up the good work!!

>< One of the cutest things I've ever seen.

On this website especially! I love the little squeaky sounds the thing makes x3 <3 Cute.