Reviews for "Shiny!"

Nicely done

This was a great animation. The people who gave it bad scores 4 being "kiddy" are retarded. NO SHIT its made 4 kids. But its a well-made, cute litlle movie, and not everything on NG has 2 be violent or offensive. Keep it up!

Cool For Kids

I could see a kid's series for this guy. Keep it up.


thats just amazing. the drawings and animation was so incredible. hope you make more of this kind of cartoons :)


props for the more traditional animation techniques, I commend that.

However, a little cartoony. Even were I 15 years younger I would have yawned.

You have a lot of talent, work on maturing your stories and making some creative plot. This is classroom doodling and you're more talanted than that I think.


lol that pirate got OWNED! cute lil shiny
good job