Reviews for "Shiny!"

Original, in a retro sense.

I haven't seen a video quite like this on Newgrounds for a very long time, if at all. It reminds me of those old children's cartoons of the 80s and 90s, but with better animation. Very much like the pirate/ragtime style music, suits it well.

Great job! It's good to see something different on the front page.

I like this movie

I thought that the animation for this cartoon was brilliant.I liked the Humor and everything else in fact I laughed at the end.I also like the style of the animation,it reminds me of looney toons.I liked the story aswell.

I actually liked the resolution.

It gave it more of that classic cartoon feeling, you know?
Anyways, I really enjoyed this cartoon.
It made me smile.
A big ten for you. <3

awwwww :3

that was a cute delightful little toon, over all i liked it and it cheered me up, only problem is the resolution, but other then that, it was great :D, 2 thumbs up yay! :D

Few words!

Absolutely delightful! Keep work like this up, and you'll go a long way! I see Shiny! as a jettison for things to come.