Reviews for "Shiny!"

wow. that was awsome

Okay man, you need to make more. that was sweet!
I gave interactivity a 10 because you had me laughing so much I knocked my computer off it's desk...


I like this =]
he/she is so cute for tht lil key i love it lol
make another one!! =]

Good movie. LOL! Stuck pirate!!!!

WOOT! This ruled! K-Nitro, what are you, a film critic? This was a good one. Hehehhe.... stupid pirate.

Nothing too special

It was just an average cartoon with some slapstick humor thrown in. The good thing about this is that you had your own unique style. But I don't think that this is an all-time classic like reviewers before me believe. I wouldn't be able to watch this again and again. I'll probably forget this by tomorrow.

Great work!

this is a masterpiece its the qaulity far beyond the internet