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Reviews for "JT: Sad Robot"

really good

Wow not bad. This actually reminds me of Resident Evil. Good luck on future projects. -X

Lol Roxxar this IS the Justin from Sky9. I recognize this as my favourite piece of music heard so far in Strike Force Heroes 2. (In the opening storyline slides on level 1, about the "unknown space station orbiting earth".

Anyway, Juice-Tin, it's me chihang321, co-founder of Strike Force Heroes Wiki! Well done on your piece of music. (I was able to re-play the piano from my cello.) This piece of music is beast, please upload the rest of the Strike Force Heroes 2 music! This is just awesome.
Anyway, well done on your first piece of music, it is one of the best background game musics I ever heard. Make some more!


Strike force heroes !