Reviews for "Mother In Tears- Musty Elbow"


this is sick!

10/10 5/5


this is truly sick newgrounds needs more of this

So Sad. i feel you broh.

or maybe i dont, cuz i never had anyone close to me near death. but i can almost taste the emotion through your music and lyrics. this is truly a master piece. im sorry about your mother. just so you know, i'll keep her in my prayers from now on. -
Paper Heart


You're mother is a lucky woman to have you as a son. These kinda of songs remind why I love hip hop (and art in general) so much. The hook is straight up powerful; so much passion. I will pray for your mother's health bro.
Keep up OxyJin.


Your mother has to be the most lucky woman in the world to have such a blessing song like you. The beat is great. And so is the lyrics. But I want to say something.
Why the hell did you guys find khay8's post useless? Would you guys rather have your own beloved mothers die a agonizing long death or a quick painless pass by? I bet you clueless idiots would rather let your mother's die in eternal pain. Yeah go ahead and rate this down. I bet you Newgrounders would do that.