Reviews for "Mother In Tears- Musty Elbow"

One of the deepest songs...

.. in the history of songs. This song makes me appreciate my mother more than ever before.

O_O* Great

Usually i don't like some of the rappers that rap over musty's beat but you were great, plus i like the song and its emotion.

I'm crying every time I listen to this.

For me I didn't cry a completely depressed cry, but a emotional cry of love, passion, and slight understanding. I thought about the many people I really didn't know before I turned ten years old, and I thought of my mother. I thought of her because she has a slightly life threatening disease called lupus. I now know how lucky I am to have a living mother that loves me."my thoughts, i can barely bare it I'm not ashamed to share it." I'm not afraid to share my life because the more people know the more people can start understand what happens and what could happen. Every killing or rape of somebody makes me dissappointed at what the world has become. When I grow up I want to be a police officer and a educator of the world and the future. A police officer because when I meet a mugger, killer, or a rapist I want to get in their face and yell "What were you thinking?!" so they can think about what they caused. A educator because I want to educate people about the world and what lies ahead of us in the future (if we continue on the path we are on). I feel sorry for your mother because she can't remember a great son that obviously loves her so much. Crying releases depression and anger, don't hold your feelings inside let them out. Sad and depressing songs make people feel better because they make people remember how great their lives are compared to other people's. Keep going your life is your own, nothing should stop ANYBODY from living thei lives to the fullest.

-Never Stop


I used to love enjoying MustyElbows tracks, this was absolutely great man!
Well done!


Heart-filled mate. I was in tears, and I am not your mother. A reference to your title :D.
So much emotion, props to Musty Elbow. This truly is a master piece mate. I hope this song and message hits big, people need to hear this. And there needs to be more like this.

Very shameful it's such a short piece. But it was well worth my time :).
This is truly a favorite of mine now, as some of your other tracks. Keep up mate :D.