Reviews for "Mother In Tears- Musty Elbow"

I feel really bad for your mom

I can only hope she gets better... if it was my mom, i would rather her to get a quick death than a long painful one. The faster she dies the less time i waste crying.... but i still hopes she get better... if its possible....

Of all the tears and fears we face...

This is the worse,
it's hard to relate
but only in verse.
My god the thoughts that flow
in my head makes me want to cry,
emotions that this song gives
is the reasons why.
From one puppet to one man,
she's never going to disappear,
even if her body is gone,
she'll always appear.

So Sad. i feel you broh.

or maybe i dont, cuz i never had anyone close to me near death. but i can almost taste the emotion through your music and lyrics. this is truly a master piece. im sorry about your mother. just so you know, i'll keep her in my prayers from now on. -
Paper Heart


Nice song. I can tell you put a lot of work in this. I hope that this tragic story will have a happy ending.


you should make a music video for this song