Reviews for "Mother In Tears- Musty Elbow"

Straight from the heart man, my condolences. I havent heard someone rap genuinely in a long time. You can tell whos who in this game.



Your mother has to be the most lucky woman in the world to have such a blessing song like you. The beat is great. And so is the lyrics. But I want to say something.
Why the hell did you guys find khay8's post useless? Would you guys rather have your own beloved mothers die a agonizing long death or a quick painless pass by? I bet you clueless idiots would rather let your mother's die in eternal pain. Yeah go ahead and rate this down. I bet you Newgrounders would do that.


Love it stay strong my boy


You're mother is a lucky woman to have you as a son. These kinda of songs remind why I love hip hop (and art in general) so much. The hook is straight up powerful; so much passion. I will pray for your mother's health bro.
Keep up OxyJin.

wow dude..

dude another fresh beat....now...im srry about your mom dude...im sure your moms proud of ya you know this song makes me think..uh..my mom has been havin strokes and mini heartattacks starting 5 months ago and this song has touched me.It reminds me that i want to make my mother proud thank you for this beat my friend