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Reviews for "Bacon Samurai"

Great idea!

You carried out the idea nicely. The only thing I think could have been better was if you had better music. You know how movie trailers have punding music in the background? I think that if this movie had that same kind of exciting music playing it would have added to the coolness of this movie. Anyways, apart from that it was great. I still put it on my favorites! :D
PS. the reason why I gave interactivity ten was because it had a good button. That's all a movie needs in my opinion.

Nicely done

The movie could have better graphics and more violence. The breakfast idea was a good idea and the rivarly between the sausage and bacon is awesome as well. Good Job

i thought it was pretty funny

personaly i think you should make it more violent but i loved it anyway awesome movie

p.s. you should make a dinner one haha

Very good!

That was pretty nice!

Awesome animations and graphics. I liked the concept making it as a movie ^^. The sounds were great too!!! I give out a 9 for this ^^


Did you use a Zelda sound effect for one of the parts? I cracked up so hard when I heard that three swing combo.