Reviews for "Movie Intro"

great stuff

really dig your work, did a great job on this song :)

SuperGoodSound responds:

thanks! I'm glad evil-dog also enjoyed it


I'd love to know how you did the ambiant bg for this song.. as well as those cool little effects :)

awesome stuff as usual man :)


SuperGoodSound responds:

I think for this song I used almost all instances of dimension pro and then kept layering voice after voice on the mix until I got a really rich sound. It took quite a while if I remember correctly. I might have done a bunch of fx editing in Reaper after exporting stems from FL Studio to tune things up. Thanks!

oh I just love this.
I am going to use this in my game which I am currently making. :)
thankyou for sharing

SuperGoodSound responds:

Let me know when the game is finished :)

This song can suitable for Hyperlize Neon Orbit: Madness Death Curses Revenge(Matures only, in this game) intro music!

But the HNO Matures were almost Curse for their Life.
The flying colours of angel are Angel Blue, Gold, Angel Green, Indiago & Light Gold.

SuperGoodSound responds:

Gracias ;)

Its great. The atmosphere in this music is top notch. (Im also a tad nostalgic since I remember this game being on this one pewdiepie game and watching pewdiepie play it. this music caught my attention the music) Honestly I thought this was a theme from an actually game