Reviews for "Beginner Flash Tutorial"

Certainly nothing outstanding..

There's enough noob tutorials. This is relatively short and does not cover many topics. Dress ups and custom cursors have been done to death and text and sound compression isn't anything too new. There's more then enough noob tutorials out there and this adds nothing new or helpful.

Overall, this is okay at explaining, but is nothing new and is just yet another noob tutorial. Not worth the time to watch. If you want a GOOD tutorial go watch Ultimate Tutorial 2. It covers all these topics and many more in much better detail.

Great tut!

This is a great tutorial. I'm a little past it, but I think that if I wasn't it would've benefitted me greatly. I didn't really like the music all that much but thats just me...Anyways, great job!

ACE-Corn responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

A great tutorial

This is a really cool tutorial for beginers. It's a bit basic for me, I'm trying to learn more actionscripts. I would have loved this a few months ago. I did like the text effects you described; I haven't seen another tutorial with that.

ACE-Corn responds: