Reviews for "Beginner Flash Tutorial"


I Need Help On The Cursor! I Drew My Cursor,Converted It, I Dont Know What Exactly What To Do Next!~~~~Please Respond~~~~~

ACE-Corn responds:

Follow the tutorial, and give it the actions I put in there.

good help

thats tight. i made a cursor as a smiley face :D


I need more information!

Like what the hell F8 does & how to do it without F8

It didn't really help.

It needs a back button. Better graphics. An explanation as to what the script does. Finally it needs better instructions like what pressing F8 does and how to do it without pressing F8 and where exactly the action script goes.


... get people emotional. Its true that they have all been done. however provided its of reasonable quality I will support it. Yours is simple and to the point. Besides, if you look through the tuts int he tut collection, they are not perfect.
The whole idea that people want to reach out and teach what they know is cool- thats how I learnt what I know.
Your text/spelling etc is better than most here on NG, so I 3'd it!
Best Wishes,