Reviews for "Beginner Flash Tutorial"

Bah was usefull!

It help me to do an homework so it's ok =)

You didn't really teach much.

the only thing I liked about this tutorial was the sound compression part, that's uncommon in most tutorials I've seen on NG.

But you didn't really say why MP3 compression was the best thing to choose. And what makes you so sure those n00bs you talked about (and I agree with you 100% about them not knowing about sound compression) are going to see this and take a note of it?

And with the other topics you covered, you didn't explain what the code did, it was all "copy this and paste it here" sorta thing.

If you intend to make a tutorial in the future, explain in detail what each little thing does, so that way people don't need to keep looking at ur tutorial each time they want a movie clip to follow the mouse or make fancy text.

I'm not trying to put you down just keep trying!


good one

that was a pretty nice and informative tutorial... particularly on music compression, that had the best tips and advice in it i think. the rest of the pointers in this one here were also quite nice as well, but i think most flash artists will benefit the most from the music compression parts.
nice job on this one.


This tutorial actually helped on some parts, unlike some others, now i wont be as confused when im working on flash


When you put actionscript into a tutorial, you really need to explain it, otherwise no one's really learning anything. If I was a beginner I don't think this would have been amazingly helpful. Using the drag function instead of the _xmouse and _ymouse was an interesting idea, though. I might use that.