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Reviews for "-RF & FOD- Speed Zone"

Nicely Done

The song is good the way it is so keep up the good work


RealFaction responds:

You made the very first riff like 6 years ago lol. We were on skype and such. It was a long time ago, i don't blame you for forgetting. It was gonna be longer but you were like upset because like after 5 or so seconds I did the rest of the song, then passed it to you to make more, but that was it, so most of the work was me, started by you and the presets you provided when you gave me the .FLP project file xD. Cool eh? haha.

Pretty catchy tune!

Very nice collab indeed. I'm thinking better kick but I think its just my sound driver acting up again.

I felt something missing in the beat, like maybe a closed hat of a sort. But thats just me, regardless I love it. The lead is actually very addicting. Keep on doing what both of you are doing. Maybe it can get you guiz somewhere one day.

RealFaction responds:

We're doing another collab soon so i think it will :) thanks.

Well, same here

I really loved the tune. It was amazing, it's just the distortion throughout the song that makes it hard to listen to.
I hope you will work on that, because I'd love to download it :D

Fully sick Mate

really good. I fell in sync with this song whilst socialnetworking and stuff, was bouncing to music while in my chair and beatboxing... perfectly in sync to it all including its drops. That is a rare thing I do to a complete new song.