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Reviews for "-RF & FOD- Speed Zone"


The dude below me is fucking retarted.
Mastering is different from mixing.
But, your mixing is very bad. Its very distorted.
Technosaur said you need a better kick, which is partially true, but all your really need to do is eq it, boost it a bit in the lows and a tiny bit in the highs.
Back to the mixing. To fix this either lower the volume of everything by the same amount (its easier, but results in still not a good mix, but it does get rid of most distortion. The other way, is to adjust the volume levels of everything, so that your master volume is around -2.5db

Wow. im sorry but you have to

You have to face the facts, your mastering is horrible.
Like comeon, how can you not hear the distortion?
You cant even listen to it, the noise is just too much.
I dont want to be mean, but you really need to master your song.
Turn down the bass, turn down the velocity.
Eq the track, and it will be fine.

Pretty catchy tune!

Very nice collab indeed. I'm thinking better kick but I think its just my sound driver acting up again.

I felt something missing in the beat, like maybe a closed hat of a sort. But thats just me, regardless I love it. The lead is actually very addicting. Keep on doing what both of you are doing. Maybe it can get you guiz somewhere one day.

RealFaction responds:

We're doing another collab soon so i think it will :) thanks.