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Reviews for "Smash Bros. Murder #3"

It's pretty cool

the animation is kinda choppy, and you need to lip-sync better, but it's still pretty funny

Decent Parody.

I loved the initial reference to Super Metroid in the title sequence.. however the best part would be the "Excuuuussee me, Princess"

I didn't think anyone else watched those movies.

I give it a good rating based on those, but the rest of the flash wasn't spectacular.


this movie is ok its kinda boring but i like the graphics...


This wasnt the best iv seen....to b e honest it was shameful and a disrase to smash bros all together......it was well done but dont do that to smash u tottaly killed it! You are ruining smash bros as a series!

great but...

did u really have to do that to falcon? the tramatazasion would be great and hes still a retarted kid at heart but none of the important characters were hurt so im cool (go link)