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Reviews for "Smash Bros. Murder #3"


So is this series over? I liked the flash, but I didn't have a favorite scene, anyway, this was pretty good.

holy shit..

holy shit... i like this... good use of super smash bros characters...
overall good vid.... hope theres a sequel :p

Link kicked Ganondorf's ass agian! lol

hahaha falcon fucked it all up agian tho i bet Link still woulda wone (he always does) what i dont get is why'd he turn into feirce deity? only the master sword can hurt ganon and last time i checked, tho feirce deitys sword is a bad ass weapon, it aint the master sword :P the light arrows only weaken ganon enough for link to get close enough to use the sword so the light arrow shouldnt have been the thing that banished him so i had to deduct points for that sence that is just to basic. i'm not the picky person who says "zomg u made link a right hander, he's a lefty u moron" sence i know thats a common mistake, i never noticed it myself before reading an artical in a magazine about it. but the master sword being ganons only weakness is pretty much pounded into ur head about 10 times with a fuckin' megaton hammer (for an off the top of the head zelda joke) before you accually fight him. :P

other than that it wasnt bad

CaptainRadd responds:

Well, Ganon did destroy the Fierce Deity sword pretty easily. But Link's light arrow power was amplified one hundred fold by the Fierce Deity power, so it ended up destroying Ganon instead of merely stunning him! That's just basic sense!

Also: Our cartoon, our rules.

Thanks for watching!


its funny how u censored when mario said "get the **** out of here!!!" funny

is this it?

I gave it a 5!.. but is this going to be that last one? it seemed like that because you dont usualy add credits and the credits involved pic from 1 and 2.

CaptainRadd responds:

Nope, plenty of episodes coming up. Eventually.