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Reviews for "Smash Bros. Murder #3"


"YEAH SHOW HIM YOUR FACE OF EVIL!" HAHAHA That games sux so bad, i didn't know anyone heard about it on newgrounds! XD Good Job!

Just Wonderful.

This movie was great! Can't wait for the sequel.


Damn that was really amazing.
That "Well excuuuse me, Princess" was a good joke... Brings back memories.
The animation is amazing, in terms of the drawings how fluid it is.

Nice Animation and Very Funny

Ok, this review is for all the episodes, It was nice and all with the SSB stuff, but DK was too overpowered, he killed all my favorites except Fox and C. Falcon! At least Bowser could have killed him, but he didnt even die in the end....stupid monkey...think he is a donkey


the graphics were really well done, the voice acting and animation was the best I have seen, honestly, it looked like it should be on tv its that good, it had that retro super mario supershow feel to it, but waaay better, and the humor left me begging for more.
PS. this review is for all three episodes, it deserves more then 5/5, but thats as high as it goes and thats what I gave you, kudos and keep them coming :D.