Reviews for "ph33r RaspberryClock"

What happened?

I actually liked Die Pineapple clock. What happened here?

Fucking Clock Crew.

Oh, I didn't watch it. I just dropped in to give it a zero, like all the shit clockcrew clogs this place with deserves. Why dont you people get some real friends or something?

olskoo responds:

wow, you're just too freakin' cool!! Can I be like you when you grow up?


Raspberry scares the shit out of me.

olskoo responds:

It's all that damn {{huggling}}, isn't it? I told him that SCARES people!

i WILL sue you.

You get a 10 for style cause you stole the concept for my movie. Hi!

olskoo responds:

haha I told you everything I do is just a fake copy of somethin you done before, you innovator.


I'm afraid

olskoo responds:

w00t da phuck m00s3!!