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Reviews for "- My Demon and I -"

I love it:P

This was really great, I love the end and I would really love a second one! Loved the music:P


Great animation! I totally didn't expect the ending. You definitely need to make a sequel to it (the only thing I didn't like was that this was too short!).

Graphics were excellent. They were well drawn, and portrayed the characters well.

Style was equally excellent, surprise ending and all.

There wasn't any violence in this one, but I sense that if there is going to be a sequel, it will have some violence.

No interactivity. But who cares.

No humor, really. That was obviously not the author's intent.

Overall, great flash. I'll be looking forward to a possible sequel!

I'm amazed

Wow, that was really nice. Wasn't expecting something like that because the size was so small...

Graphics: Awesome, I like the shading and your character designs.

Style: Never sure how to describe it, but it was awesome.

Sound: Really nice use of the music. It drew me into it.

Violence: Well, there was the intent of violence at the end...

Interactivity: Got me really interested into it.

Humor: N/A

Overall: Awesome!

I'd really like to see some kind of bigger plot brought out of this, so make some more flashes and spend more than 1 week on them?

blueblowbang responds:

definately more than a week on my next xD

~wen i think of one :P

Really -really- nice

You go girl! Keep up the good work. I really liked it, though I wonder what he said...

blueblowbang responds:

its for you to guess :D

but if you must know its simply
"im leaving you..."

hahahaha but its more mysterious not knowing right?

So cool...

You are one of the few girls who do flash, pretty cool! Nice graphics by the way!