Reviews for "- My Demon and I -"

nothing too special but ok

it was an ok flash. i like it ended showing her true form but god dam even you have to admit it was a bit too short. if its that u made it on a school break or something ok but if you had the time well its just too short. mabey also a bit more action then just a push. but its ok for a good start. just add more and itll be great

blueblowbang responds:

yes i kinda ran outta ideas otherwise i wouldve made it longer as well

but i wanted to keep it about 1:30 mins
cuz thats when the song ends, cuz beyond 1:30mins the lyrics' gonna start kickin in hehe

maybe another time =]

Too short...

I really expected more, please commit to the piece and give us more! You had a really epic feeling setup and I felt like the ride just started when we see her true nature. Then all the sudden it ends. Made me want to cry. Seriously. ;)

Good artwork, nice frame by frame, just put in more time to the plot and direction. You had a good thing goin here, keep it up! I will be looking out for you!

blueblowbang responds:

hey thanks!
I hated doing the hair in the frame by frames >.>
so many lines...and they gotta be connected for you to color them >.>
its a hassle

ya sorry, i know its very short but i wanted to keep it 1:30mins cuz the song;s like that, i didnt want lyrics in it

~lawl... =]

keep the motivation going.

a true peice of art in my eyes. you have growing talent. most definitely. keep at it. perhaps in the future having a bit of voice acting and more length to it apart from that everything's fine. im sure you can make some great stuff . 3/5 7/10.

blueblowbang responds:

D: !

i hate voice acting >.> (my voice)
and i dont like asking others for help xD
im stubborn ya?

but it'll definately be longer the next time

Great Job!

Great art, good music, although it would have been nice if you'd put subtitles to explain what he had said to her. I hope you make a sequal that explains her revenge towards him for what he did to her. And please make it longer if you make a sequal, it's fun to watch.

Great Job

That flash made me happy... True art, in modern form. I'm adding it to my favorites.