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Reviews for "- My Demon and I -"

That's going to be bloody. (please reply)

Loved everything about the animation. You had excellent use of music to set the mood and a great style. The high violence score is for what is suggested about the boyfriend's (gruesome) end. It leaves me wanting for more, like a series that has the girl killing everyone who's ever been mean to her and a police squad trying to catch her. The victims might include the staff of companies who turned down her application for a job, guy who rear-ended, her ,etc.,etc. The voices could be done with subtitles that change each time a different character speaks,or something similar.

I'm looking forward to more slaughter.

blueblowbang responds:

hmm...but if she was killing people,who would she be talking to?

oooo her taking out revenge on staff companies sounds nice xD
thanks for the ideas


It's not that often you see a serious video on new grounds, and when you do they're not that great. But this ouns my face! It rocked my socks in the box over there! I have one word for you, Wow...


good flash, did a nice job of creating th atmosphere etc etc...

just wanted to review as i thought that you did like chaotic said, like had some guy leave you and then go physco =P

Not a bad assumption plus it explains th story behind the flash, the reason for continued motivation and away to express yourself which is pretty cool (not the whole wanting to kill your ex thing...thats baddd)

also screw the guy who said your grammar is wrong XD

i want to see part 2 now but truthfully i do feel let down by the length of the flash but as you said if you did carry on the story as it was going it would hardly make the suitable or all category. but yeah good work

(doing frame by frame gets you a 10 for graphics XD)

blueblowbang responds:

no no im not phyco xD
and i wont kill anyone even if they did dump me cuz...im afraid of that kinda stuff lol.
ya i kno its too short, but the next will definately be longer :)
thanks for watching


It really wasn't that long, but good, and really interesting. I agree with whoever else is saying "wish I heard what the guy said". I thought I did just from lip reading but didn't. Spend some time looking in a mirror to see how your lips move when you say something, try and edit that in, it's really the only way we can tell unless you ruin the flash with some subtitles, or put in a voice (which I don't think would fit)

Also, there isn't some guy that did this to you, right? You aren't going to murder anyone?


blueblowbang responds:

no no no ! xDDDD of corse not!
im not phyco, and no one did this to me lol
yes i do kno i need work on lip movement >.>

well wat i did was i heard this song and i thot it'd make a cool flash,
the first thing that popped into my head was "this song would make an awesome wing sprouting scene"
i didnt really think of much of those two people untill i found out that i needed to do something to connect it with the wing sprouting scene xD

i liked it

this was a very well made flash animation i wish i could have heard what the man said though other than that i think i rated this fairly and i am waiting on more of your work

blueblowbang responds:

=] what the man said is for you to guess xD
but if you really must know

its just simply..."Im leaving you..."