Reviews for "Epic Movie Trailer"

Pretty cool stuff

Dont know if it is stuff or staff, thoguh, but of one thing I am absolutely sure: This is Epic. Reminds me sort of a war... Great job!

A puny "Respect." is not enough to describe this

You've officially beaten a record. After hearing this out for the 5th time I have a complete trailer in my head, for a game based on fantasy world.

You are on my "greatest artists of epic music" list, along with Hamstercake.

Kudos, and bring forth more E P I C music, you're good at it!

"This summary section is pointless..."

Well, I'm officially a fan. It was a lot softer and less explosive than I expected, but thats not necessarily a bad thing. I think it sets it apart and makes it a unique piece, which is what you want, especially when making music for a trailer. Aside from that I think it makes better music in general than that recycled crap they use for Hollywood these days.

Thank you very much for posting this where we all can enjoy it, keep up the good work.

Freaking awesome

I love the way it starts off so quiet in the beginning, then improves, freaking awesome.

this is beautiful

ill prolly end up using this fo' something imortaint l8r, would you mind?