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Reviews for "Unbound Soul"


first i thought "oh great another shitty death/grindcore" or whatever the fuck they call metal nowadays... It was great!! if randy rhoads and yngwie malmsteen would've gotten the chance to have a kid I think that this is what he would sound like :D

kick... ASS!

this is sweet! awesome job dude XD

DanJohansen responds:


Trying to guess who have you been influenced by

John Petrucci, Satriani and Michael Angelo Batio?

DanJohansen responds:

Petrucci, a little bit on the picking I think. Malmsteen on arpeggios and sweeps, Marty Friedman on melody to a certain extent and a little on vibrato. Batio no, Satriani, no. Glad you liked it man!

Very nice.

The picking at 0:34 was great. In my opinion, too much soloing and not enough just plain riffing. The riffs were great though. I love the chorus ^-^ Piano solo was well written and could've been longer or have mixed in with the guitar. Drums are simple but it fits the piece. All the sweep picking throughout is really steady, this must've taken a lot of takes. More buildup in the intro would've been great, I still love it though. Smooth outro with cymbals was quite fitting. I'm definitely buying this song on rock band network, this sounds like something i'd really like to play. I'm not sure if pro guitar works like this (the link doesn't work btw.) But if I buy this will I be able to play it on pro?

TL;DR: very smooth piece, well constructed, more piano would be neat, more buildup in the intro, sounds fun to play, pro guitar?

DanJohansen responds:

I appreciate your opinion, although to me saying it's too much soloing and too little riffing, is like calling a tune too much riffing with too little soloing. And we all know most tunes are based on riffing mostly. So .. can't say I agree :). The other things I wont get into as those are detailed composer decisions that differ from person to person. And yes, It's created as pro guitar in Rock Band Thanks for tuning in man!


It needs a build up in the beginning but other than that its pretty cool to listen to i enjoy the rifts and give props tot you sir for putting forth the effort to this song

DanJohansen responds:

Thanks for listening man! Don't agree with the build up mention, I love fast knock out punches instead of slow uppercuts. :)