Reviews for "xKore - Splatterhouse (WI"

you need advice?:

fuckin amazing! u need no change. this sounds professional


You're helping to bring the NG dubstep scene up to current standards! I hope a can support you in this, as the transition is much needed, and I too am doing all I can to bring it up to date! Well, the song. What can I say. The mixing is already brilliant, but could do with more clear mids and a more dynamic sub. The bassline is perfectly dynamic, the entirely song is insane and all over the place but the synths work together and compliment each other. The song is structured very well, and I'd love to drop the 320 live, but I will probably never get it :( If this is a WIP, I really can't think of much you have to work on! I really look forward to what future tunes you will post, and I want to help you bring the Audio Portal up to date! Peace! :D

its over 9000!

lmao. power tune man.

just sickly charged. like damn. Some parts of it kind of felt like it should jump up in tempo a bit. like the power groove though.

sick man. wicked.

Fuck yeah!

Yes, more moody stuff, I like it when you make this shit. Mix sounds pre' good but the snare sounds a bit muffled. Otherwise perfect though. You needa' get these new tunes your doing on a label.


This is BRUTAL! I don't think I can provide any constructive criticism, but I will say to keep making stuff like this!