Reviews for "xKore - Splatterhouse (WI"

Not bad at all!

I love the heavy feeling this tune give me, extremely heavy beats and synths, I loved it. I gave you a 9/10 due to it being a little repetitive, but doesn't destroy the song. 1 other thing, the bass beats seem to take priority in the volume department, often making all the other layers quieter, not a problem if this is intentional.

Anyway, good work!

Oh hai

Fix up those high ends then your good to go. Snare needs more high punchiness too.


:D :D :D

Great song, the snare is cut off too low. If a snare comes through my sub more than my speakers then it needs to be changed :P


I first thought that it would be a remix of a song of Jackal Queenston by the same name. (also a kickass song) It reminds a bit of excision, wobble-wise.


So motherfucking heavy. The only thing I didn't like was the bell-sounding instrument. It added airiness to what is definitely a dark and heavy piece.

Aside from that, well thought out. I can't wait to here the full version of this.