Reviews for "xKore - Splatterhouse (WI"

Even without the name...

Even if the artist name wasn't there, I'd still be able to tell it was you, just by the distinct style that you use in your music, I've NEVER heard anything like your stuff, Matt.


keep it up man

Good work

I like the power and industrial feel to this song. It reminds me of 'grimier' dubstep producers, but you have kept your signature sound, which is what makes this special. For a WIP, it sounds very good.

I would however say that the bass overpowers everything else. With that in mind, maybe adjust the mid and higher frequencies to have more presence and I think that this will be near perfect!


I might be to late but I think the drop could be more significant. Just a bit.

I like it

Im sorry, but how can dupstep be a dark type of music? lol... I dont get it...

I like this, there are a lot of sounds, vibrations are attacking my ears, and I agree...
Lets get this started...