Reviews for "xKore - Splatterhouse (WI"

After listening to it several times

I think this is your best work up to date!
Only thing to me is that this sounds a bit compressed. Especially the bass.
And i'm now listening to it on normal speakers with a subwoofer.

But goybadiddididamn! This is awesome.

its really good

but how do i download

xKore responds:

click the floppy disc to the right of the licensing terms

Yeah... thats some good stuff

I think the bell sound was to help the balance of it. I also didn't really hear the airiness after replaying it several times. Maybe its just the way i like it. or my ears are all screwy. But i get your point

I get teh whole dark feeling the music evokes. The bells I'm not catching.

Does anyone know if he perfected this or not? I can't imagine how powerful that would be...
Literally a explosion of the phattest base I came across.