Reviews for "xKore - Splatterhouse (WI"

yet again

when it comes to your songs they all are amazing but this needs the bass to stay at its current level and everything else needs to be a little louder so the bass dose'nt overpower but that is just my opinion
5/5 4.59 - 4.60 (+0.017)
p.s your songs have been giving newgrounds eargasm's since 2008 keep it up!



Why don't my speakers go louder!!!!

No other words.
Just so damn epic.
You don't need advice man.
You nailed it right on the spot.

This is too sick.

But I was wondering, when I download this, is it a 320?

Even without the name...

Even if the artist name wasn't there, I'd still be able to tell it was you, just by the distinct style that you use in your music, I've NEVER heard anything like your stuff, Matt.