Reviews for "xKore - Splatterhouse (WI"


That Sine-y Bell thing has some volume issues, it's loud at times and not at other, that's what I'm hearing at least.
Otherwise, it's a hardcore dubstep track! Good Job!


Would Love to Collab ya sometime ^^

blew my brains out!!!!!

my GOD!!!!! what an intense build!!!!! only criticism I can only give is that, u could possibly mix up the drums a little more @ 2:04 to vary it up a bit. but,,,,,,,,, this has bee stuck in my head for a whollllllllllllllle week straight now........................... repeat.

awesomesauce in song form

I am fairly sure this song could defeat Giygas.


Only thing I can imagine fixing on this song is making it longer xD

I really like it

I love the hi pitched screech at 2:30 I think maybe that is what you need just a bit more of to top off the song. Not that screech in particular but just a couple more higher octave noises at a few select parts of the really hard dubstep sections. Also I'd like to mess around with the song in FL studio a bit myself so I was wondering what scale is this song in?