Reviews for "xKore - Splatterhouse (WI"

lovein it man

omg , so this is what tru motherfuckin dubstep really sounds like.......................

yeah, more bass br0

sick as usual, just, it doesn't sound deep enough, more bass would be nice--doesn't give enough of a punch, like most of your other songs
Very sick though, don't get me wrong.

Sup brah

Only advice I'd give it sounds a bit tinny, like the whole thing sounds very metallic. Almost like it needs to be heavier in the low ends and lighter in the higher ends, other than that it's pretty badass.

Advice? WIP?

Not only does it sound done to me, but this right here sounds like shit I would BUY. Keep up what you're doing, I wouldn't really be able to help you out with stuff like dubstep, but I'm sure whatever you decide to change wont really effect it much.

Not bad at all!

I love the heavy feeling this tune give me, extremely heavy beats and synths, I loved it. I gave you a 9/10 due to it being a little repetitive, but doesn't destroy the song. 1 other thing, the bass beats seem to take priority in the volume department, often making all the other layers quieter, not a problem if this is intentional.

Anyway, good work!