Reviews for "xKore - Splatterhouse (WI"


keep it up man

yet again

when it comes to your songs they all are amazing but this needs the bass to stay at its current level and everything else needs to be a little louder so the bass dose'nt overpower but that is just my opinion
5/5 4.59 - 4.60 (+0.017)
p.s your songs have been giving newgrounds eargasm's since 2008 keep it up!


That Sine-y Bell thing has some volume issues, it's loud at times and not at other, that's what I'm hearing at least.
Otherwise, it's a hardcore dubstep track! Good Job!


Would Love to Collab ya sometime ^^

As said by the reviews below....

All it needs is more bass to become complete, the rest sounds awesome!

- BeefourMusic -

Great, but needs more Bass!

Sounds awesome, but I agree with JD14, It needs more bass.

I'm using the Sennheiser 250HDs, and literally, it's the equivalent to Dre's Beat series. And I'm literally craaaaaaving for more bass. :D

Keep up the great work. :D